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Crystal Mills | Co-Owner Skyblu Painting, LLC

"Tyra and her staff are life savers and time savers! We had her team review our branding across social media platforms, onboarding new employees, and bidding on RFQs amongst other things. As she learned more about my painting business, she began identifying inefficiencies in our processes and recommending solutions to problems we had. She has helped us streamline our business which, of course, saved us time and headache! It is always nice to have another set of eyes looking over your business, especially one that cares about your business’ success as much as you. You would be in excellent hands with Tyra!"

Karen Warner | Executive Coach & Consultant

“Tyra thinks outside the box in order to solve problems for you, large and small. She has a knack for anticipating what’s coming next and getting ahead of it. And she’s lovely to work with. I highly recommend her.”

Annielee Noel | Owner & Virtual Decorating Coach

"Tyra is professional, responsible, courteous and efficient. I highly recommend hiring Tyra. She helped me set up my business and because of Tyra I now have a very professional and efficient business." Annielee Noel, Owner & Virtual Decorating Coach DIY Decorating Coaching

Deirdra Niles | Owner & Travel Professional

"Tyra did a wonderful job assisting me with managing two large projects that I became overwhelmed with. She also developed a system for me to be able meet my clients needs in a timely manner. I will definitely consult with her again in the future. Deirdra Niles, Owner & Travel Professional Take Off with Dee

Jen Crowe | Owner & Business Coach

"She has been a GOD SEND!! She can literally do it ALL! Everything Online Management, Project Management, Team Management.. just to name a few! She is FABULOUS, SPEEDY, DETAIL ORIENTED, ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER, OMG!! I CANNOT Say enough good things about Tyra Pickett!!! Game and Life Changer!!! Check her out! Tell her I sent you! She will change the productivity and efficiency of your business or life!!"

Crystal M.

“I had doubts that I could become a virtual a assistant. However, attending “The Profitable VA Bootcamp” helped reinvigorate my interest to set up my company for success, create my service packages and decide who will be my client, set up my systems, etc. I started drafting my mission statement and for that I am thankful. Thank you for your assistance and I appreciate you."

Gary Fogarty | Project Manager

"Tyra is a breath of fresh air. She is masterful at helping entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their businesses. Tyra creates a great environment with her light-hearted and comedic nature and makes the process of project management so much less painful and lonely! She spent hours training me and helping me “learn the ropes” when I first started working with her. She has been most helpful throughout several different construction projects that we worked on together, making it easier for me to manage onsite work while she ran the back-end administrative part. I would highly recommend Tyra for any project management needs."

William Powell | Senior Construction Manager

"Tyra is a very professional, detail-oriented person who produced great results while assisting many Project and Construction Managers engaged in Projects covering the Mid-Atlantic States and the South East Region. Her knowledge, skills and abilities attributed to the successful Start Up through Close Outs of many projects for many Managers simultaneously. Her knowledge and proficiency of the various programs we use enhanced by her professional, courteous demeanor made working with Tyra a pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend Tyra and I would most certainly welcome the opportunity to work with her again."

Nick DiCandia | Construction Operations Manager

"Tyra is well organized, detail oriented and she conducts her work in a professional manner at all times. Her work ethic and dedication to her job is impeccable. It was a true pleasure to work with Tyra and I highly recommend her."

Michelle Jackson

"I truly enjoyed the Goal Crusher workbook. In business at times I have a tendency to focus on the work ethic only...but this workbook touched on the personal part of life. It helped me remember to take care of myself, family and friends. I enjoyed the Life Goals worksheet...personal vs professional. The Procrastination worksheet was another favorite. It touched on personal health, home life and personal relationships - which I feel have a way of keeping us well balanced and at our best! The personal development action plan was AWESOME! I don't want to say too much and give all the great surprises away with this fantastic workbook. "Everybody get a copy"

Cassandra McCall | Executive Virtual Assistant & OBM

"Tyra is one of the most knowledgeable and professional in our group. She has been very helpful to many who are just starting out in this field. Her work ethics and winning personality will take her far in this business. She is one that we should keep our eyes on. I would highly recommend her."

Skyla Eichelberger | Virtual Assistant

"I found the checklist to be extremely helpful in helping me keep the beginnings of my business on track. Also putting myself in the right spaces for the right clients."


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About Tyra Pickett


Tyra Pickett is the CEO/Founder of Pickett Fence Virtual Services®, a business coaching and consulting company.  As a Business Consultant, Coach, Systems Strategist, Speaker, Podcast Host and Certified Online Business Manager, she teaches established women entrepreneurs and virtual assistants with online service-based businesses, how to scale their business and take it to the next level.

She’s been coined the Queen of Systems, Automation and Processes in your business. 

She’s successfully built 4 businesses of her own over the past 25 years and now helps other entrepreneurs throughout the world, streamline their systems and processes and scale their business.

She is the creator of The Profitable VA™, a coaching brand for virtual assistant women entrepreneurs who are ready to launch, grow and uplevel their virtual assistant business and create the life that they desire.

Her goal is to simplify your life and her mission is to teach women how to grow, level up and systemize their online business so that they can make more money, gain more freedom and flexibility and create the life of their dreams.

She started her own virtual assistant business in 2015. She was able to replace her corporate full-time job salary, working only part-time in her VA business – all while being a new military wife, blending a family, moving to an unfamiliar state and having a newborn – within 2 months!

She later became a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM) and rebranded her business into an OBM company and her business took off from there.  Over the years, her business has evolved and made massive transformations allowing her to create a successful business that she loves.  She has worked with some of the most amazing clients all over the world and is able to enjoy all the freedom, flexibility, and luxuries of being an entrepreneur, and that’s because she decided to go all in! She was determined and nothing could stop her!

Fast forward to today, she has turned her experiences and expertise into business coaching and consulting and has helped many other ambitious women entrepreneurs and virtual assistants around the world grow, level up and systemize their online businesses and create the life that they desire!

And she’s ready to help YOU do the same!

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