Running a business can be incredibly overwhelming for entrepreneurs. Their workdays are packed with meetings, phone calls, responding to emails, creating and maintaining a marketing plan, and solving technical issues that arise.

Automation and mastering time management skills is an essential function if they want their business to succeed.

Being productive and effective at time management isn’t about working harder but instead finding a way to work smarter. When you can find a way to manage your time better, you’ll find that your business runs much smoother, and you’ll notice a dramatic uptick in your daily productivity.

In this ebook, I share my 5 productivity secrets for entrepreneurs and how to get more done in your business with automation, take control of your time and achieve greater success.  I hope this ebook helps and inspires you to work smarter and not harder as you grow, level up and systemize your business!


    About Tyra Pickett


    Tyra Pickett is the CEO/Founder of Pickett Fence Virtual Services®, a business coaching and consulting company.  As a Business Consultant, Coach, Systems Strategist, Speaker, Podcast Host and Certified Online Business Manager, she teaches ambitious women entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistants with online service-based businesses, how to scale their business and take it to the next level.

    She’s been coined the Queen of Systems, Automation and Processes in your business. 

    She’s successfully built 4 businesses of her own over the past 25 years and now helps other entrepreneurs throughout the world, streamline their systems and processes and scale their business.

    She is the creator of The Profitable VA™, a coaching brand for virtual assistant women entrepreneurs who are ready to launch, grow and uplevel their virtual assistant business and create the life that they desire.

    Her goal is to simplify your life and her mission is to teach women how to grow, level up and systemize their online business so that they can make more money, gain more freedom and flexibility and create the life of their dreams.

    She started her own virtual assistant business in 2015. She was able to replace her corporate full-time job salary, working only part-time in her VA business – all while being a new military wife, blending a family, moving to an unfamiliar state and having a newborn – within 2 months!

    She later became a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM) and rebranded her business into an OBM company and her business took off from there.  Over the years, her business has evolved and made massive transformations allowing her to create a successful business that she loves.  She has worked with some of the most amazing clients all over the world and is able to enjoy all the freedom, flexibility, and luxuries of being an entrepreneur, and that’s because she decided to go all in! She was determined and nothing could stop her!

    Fast forward to today, she has turned her experiences and expertise into business coaching and consulting and has helped many other ambitious women entrepreneurs and virtual assistants around the world grow, level up and systemize their online businesses and create the life that they desire!

    And she’s ready to help YOU do the same!

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